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Food for meetings

When something is important, it deserves a lot of attention - and food is important. At OCC, food gets the attention it deserves - and your guests deserve. We have a strong focus on meeting food, making it an experience that covers all your guests' culinary needs.

What are some of the best parts of a productive meeting day? What can we keep talking about for days afterwards? If you ask your course attendees, the answer is often: The food.

The perfect meeting day with us is spiced up with breaks that include delicious and light dining experiences filled with flavor and energy for the rest of the day. Nutritious, flavorful dishes with the best ingredients.

It's food with craftsmanship and attitude - our kitchen prioritizes sustainability, which is why we use local, seasonal ingredients in our menus. You get food with options and lots of variety on your plate - from the first bite to the last. There's something for everyone.

For your meeting, we offer:

Morning buffet
A tasteful input before the meeting starts or during the first break

Enjoy a tapas buffet or plate service

Afternoon buffet
Sweet and savory treats during the afternoon break

2-course dinner
Seasonally inspired menu of the chef's choice

Tailor-made menu
Do you have something completely different in mind? At OCC, we like to be creative, and we find it exciting to develop a solution that is tailored to the exact needs of your guests.

Perhaps the lunch buffet should have a theme? We can deliver everything from modern street food to an inspiring sandwich buffet or our 100% vegetarian buffet. We know how important food is - and we go the extra mile every time.

*Do you have allergies?
We take great care to ensure that there is food for all our guests. If you have an allergy, we would like to know as soon as you arrive at OCC. Then we can ensure that we can present a delicious dish that is on par with the rest of the meeting food.



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