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At OCC, we have professionals for everything from food and flowers to security, AV and decorations - and what we can't do ourselves, we have skilled partners to do for us. In that way, you can relax and focus on your guests.

Having the right facilities in the right place is one thing - but everything outside of the meeting or conference is often just as important.

When you choose OCC for your next meeting, you choose the peace of mind of knowing that everything about your event is handled by a large staff of trained professionals who are specialists in their respective fields.

As both a convention center and one of the country's largest exhibition organizers, we're ready to help with decorating your venue, parking security, guest registration and much more.

We have the experience to give you peace of mind - and should you need to contact other suppliers, such as transportation or party/event organizers, we have a number of regular partners that we are happy to put you in touch with.

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Digital convention management

At OCC, we offer a comprehensive and integrated digital solution for organizing congresses, national meetings, general meetings and other statutory events.

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At OCC, you'll not only find some of the best meeting facilities in the country - we also have the perfect setting to showcase your products at their best when you meet in the middle of the country.



Good friends are important - and at OCC we have a wide range of regular partners in several different areas.

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Would you like to be a regular partner with Odense Congress Center? With a corporate agreement, you get the best prices and the easiest way to book.


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